​Fresh, hand-picked blueberries.

No chemicals.
Straight to your door.

News From The Farm

This years crop of sweet and delicious berries will be here soon! Pre-orders are always recommended as we sell out quickly.   We expect the harvest and deliveries to begin mid July through the first of August! 

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About Lakeshore Country Farms

Welcome to Lakeshore Country Farms! We are a family-owned blueberry farm in Bangor, MI. Located just 15 minutes off the highway, Lakeshore Country Farms is the perfect destination for blueberry lovers!

Our Blueberries are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Instead, we focus on building rich soils to naturally feed and strengthen our bushes. This also helps the blueberry bushes resist drought, disease and pests. Sure, it may be a lot more work (and a little bit more money) to farm this way, but the result is worth it- a tasty berry that can be eaten right off the bush!


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Proud to be a naturally          grown farm

working to build a better, healthier growing environment

Rather than using chemicals to improve a yield and fight diseases, Lakeshore Country Farms is committed to only using organic farming practices. That means we'll never use pesticides or chemical fertilizers on our land. Our dedication to natural blueberry farming not only makes for healthier bushes that are resistant to drought and insects, we think it makes for a juicer, more flavorful fruit!

fresh berries straight from the bush

hand-picked at the height of ripeness

family owned and operated

Russell and Melissa Brown purchased the land for Lakeshore Country Farms in 2015. As lifelong gardening enthusiasts, and supporters of Community Supported Agriculture, the Browns hope to rejuvenate the fields using environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. While it is a lot of work, they also have a lot of help. Between their children, grandchildren (now there are 10!),  aunts, uncles and cousins, you'll always find plenty of family members around the farm.