Our story

Welcome to Lakeshore Country Farms! We are a family-owned blueberry farm in Bangor, MI. Located just 15 minutes off the highway, Lakeshore Country Farms is the perfect destination for blueberry lovers!

A little bit of history...Lakeshore Country Farms was originally planted in the early 1980’s and was farmed using conventional farming practices for 30 years. Around 2008, the farm owners were no long able to maintain their crop, and the farm sat idle for the next eight years. In 2015, the Brown family took over the land with the hopes of rejuvenating the fields.

Our Blueberries are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides. Instead we focus on building rich soils to naturally feed and strengthen our bushes. This also helps the Blueberry bushes resist drought, disease and pests. Sure it is more work and more expensive to farm this way however the result is a tasty berry that can be eaten right off the bush!

The restoration of the farm is a work in progress. The fields had been overtaken by many different invasive species of plants and was hardly recognizable as a blueberry farm. With a lot of hard work, the fields are coming to life again and yielding a delicious crop. The Brown family is excited to be opening their farm to visitors this season to take part in the harvesting process.