LCFs is excited to be opening our fields to the public again this year for UPick.


We believe that UPick is a great family activity and serves and an opportunity for children (and adults alike) to connect with local farmers and experience community supported agriculture first-hand. We hope to see you there!

We welcome groups from your organization and are willing to work with you to provide special accommodations to make your day on the farm more enjoyable.   Let us know how we can be of service.  

Our harvest will normally be over a three week period.   The exact start of that harvest is determined by Mother Nature herself, with contributing factors being average daily temperatures all the way back to mid March of this year and also rainfall during that period. 

We believe this years yummy Berries will be ready to start the harvest beginning approximately the second weekend in July,  the 13th, 14th, and 15th and then the next two weekends.  We will be more than happy to email you as we get closer to advise you of opening weekend. 

UPick Hours


Please call Russ at 630-417-9596 to confirm UPick opening or email us using russ@lakeshorecountryfarms.com or by using the contact us portion of our website.  


$2.00 per pound

Cash and credit accepted

Pre-picked berries will also be available for purchase

Location: please visit our contact page to view a map.

What to wear

Longs pants, long sleeves and a hat (to protect skin from sun and pests) 

Pants with a belt (to support your bucket so that both hands are free for picking)

Water proof shoes or boots (to keep your feet dry in case fields are wet or muddy)


What to bring

Bug spray or lotion

SPF spray or lotion

A container to transport your berries home (we will lend you a bucket for picking, but we will need to charge you if you need to take your bucket(s) home)


What we offer

Guidance on to how to pick

Sanitizer for your hands and buckets

A clean washroom


Smiling faces!

If you have additional questions, please visit our contact page.